To load canisters into the FROSTMED follow the following steps:

  • First open your cooler.
  • Orient the wings of the valve to be parallel with manifold
  • Slowly lower the canister into the enclosure.
    NOTE: If you don’t align the tank with the channel don’t worry, simply rotate the canister until it drops into the channel.
  • Firmly push the bottle down and hold.
  • Rotate the canister one quarter turn in the counterclockwise direction. You will feel the canister make contact with the dead stop.
  • Repeat the above process for the second canisters and your unit will be loaded.
  • Insert and lock the two canisters in the support (manifold).

FROSTMED is controlled by the FROSMED app. The operator must have the app downloaded to a tablet or smartphone. The app can be found on the [*Google Play, and Apple app stores*]. To connect a device, open the FROSTMED app. From the main screen, touch the three vertical dots in the top right corner to open the options. From the dropdown list, touch “Scan.”
Then select your FROSTMED device from the list of available devices.
From the main screen/dropdown list you can select the item you need to maintain under controlled temperatures. You can select one of the following: Blood, Plasma, Platelets, Sample.

Based on the selection you made, the system reads the current temperature and compares it to the setpoint temperature. If the cooler temperature is above or equal to the set point temperature, it will close the valve and stop releasing CO2. When the temperature in the cooler rises above the desired temperature, the system will start releasing CO2 until the cooler temperature falls below the set point temperature.
Your mobile device is now connected wirelessly to your FROSTMED cooling system.

You can retrieve the real-time temperature simply clicking on the “Retrieve Graph” button.

  • Temperatures along a period of time
  • Current CO2 level
  • Temperature value inside the cooler
  • Set point temperature
  • Battery Level

  • Red light indicates the system is powered On and operating/cooling.
  • Blue light indicates the Bluetooth connection is available for connection when blinking slowly.
  • Rapid Blue light blinkingindicates a Bluetooth connection is established.
  • Green light indicates CO2 is being released.

The electronics in the FROSTMED are powered by a removable and rechargeable battery pack, which is recharged via a micro-USB input on the top of the battery pack case. The battery pack connects to any common USB phone charger (iPhone /Android) via aMicro-USB cable.

To verify the battery charge indicator, push the button on the battery pack which will turn on a set of four green LEDs. The higher the number of LEDs on the more charged the battery pack is, four being 100% charged.