Secure the Viability of Precious Medical Products During Transportation

Precisely control temperature without using electricity, gas generators, ice or dry ice

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FrostMed has been field tested in some of the most challenging cold chain conditions on Earth. With 8 pilots in the southern and eastern USA and 9 total pilots in Morocco, Trinidad, and Canada; with tested units in Tobago, and sales beginning in the USA, Cameroon, Spain, Israel, and Thailand; FrostMed is ready to do what we designed it for: secure the viability of precious medical products whether they are going 5m across the lab, 50m between buildings, 5km for a home delivery, 50km on the back of a Jeep to vaccinate an under-served community, or 500km on a flight to deliver a precious heart or much needed disaster relief.

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    Monitor & Control Temperature

    • Maintains cooling capacity for extended periods of time when the device is not operating.
    • Ability to set and maintain temperatures inside a cooler between ambient and -10°C.

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    Extended Duration

    • Maintains refrigeration temperature for up to 24 hours (depending on cooler quality, content and ambient temperature).
    • Exchanging empty canisters with full ones will increase cooling time indefinitely.

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    • Email and/or SMS notifications when programmed temperature, battery or CO2 level thresholds are exceeded.
    • Cooler temperature logging, reporting and posting to web portal.

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Protecting blood, medicines, vaccines, plasmas and specimens from harmful extreme temperature fluctuations.

Medicine Transportation

Disaster Relief

Cold Pharma Chain Logistics


Awarded in 2018 as an innovative technology
having huge impact on medical-military applications

• Cold chain transport of blood, organs, vaccines, medicines and specimens requiring specific temperatures.
• Emergency storage of the above in the event of power failures.
• Cold storage of the above for areas afflicted by disaster.
• Cold storage of the above for remote areas with little or no infrastructure.
• Military operations requiring the rapid deployment and transportation of temperature-sensitive products.                                                                          
• Cold Pharma Chain Logistics. 


Reads and logs the cooler temperature and expels CO2 into a heat exchanger when temperatures inside the cooler exceed the set point temperature.