Secure the Viability of Precious Medical Products During Transportation

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Active last mile cold-chain solution to transport temperature-sensitive products

  • Active cooling solution instantly available
  • Cooling temperatures are personalized by the user
  • Integrated solution: cooling functions + real time traceability
  • No need to use in combination with passive cooling solutions
  • Faster pre-cooling than other methods
  • Managed and controlled through a Bluetooth phone app
  • Plug-Go solution, no training required
  • Coolant does not need to be prepared in advance and can be stored at room temperature ready to use when needed
  • Re-usable system with a long lifecycle= rapid ROI

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    Monitor & Control Temperature

    • Maintains cooling capacity for extended periods of time when the device is not operating or by replacing empty canisters with full ones.
    • Ability to set and maintain temperature at the its plate from -5°C to ambient.

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    Extended Duration

    • Maintains refrigeration temperature for up to 24 hours (depending on cooler quality, setup temperature, content and ambient temperature).
    • Exchanging empty canisters with full ones will increase cooling time indefinitely.

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    • Bluetooth communication with your smartphone or tablet for an easy and user-friendly usage of FrostMed.
    • Cooler temperature logging, reporting and posting to the FrostMed app.

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Protecting medicines, vaccines, specimens and other temperature-sensitive products from harmful extreme temperature fluctuations.

Medicine Transportation

Disaster Relief

Cold Pharma Chain Logistics


Awarded in 2018 as an innovative technology
having huge impact on medical-military applications

• Cold chain transport of vaccines, medicines, specimens and products requiring specific temperatures.
• Emergency storage of the above in the event of power failures.
• Cold storage of the above for areas afflicted by disaster.
• Cold storage of the above for remote areas with little or no infrastructure.
• Military operations requiring the rapid deployment and transportation of temperature-sensitive products.                                                                          
• Cold Pharma Chain Logistics. 


Reads and logs the cooler temperature and expels CO2 into a heat exchanger when temperatures inside the cooler exceed the set point temperature.